The Rotary Club of Nelson County met on Thursday, April 17th to recognize the Nelson County Pantry. During the presentation by Dick Nees, President of the Pantry, the club was informed of the more than 800 people they feed on a monthly basis.  Marian Dixon who maintains the fiscal books for the Pantry told the club of the procedures and record keeping required in order to receive food products from the USDA.

Upon completion of the presentation, Rotarian Martha Warring presented a check for $800 to the Nelson County Pantry from the Rotary Club of Nelson County.  Mrs. Warring is the Program Chair for the Annual Pancake Day.  Proceeds from the Annual Election Pancake Day go to the Nelson County Pantry, High School Scholarships and to support a community in Taurus, El Salvador.

Our Pantry is most grateful for the volunteer and financial support the Rotary Club of Nelson County provides to not only our organization, but for all they do for our community.