It is finally turning a little warmer and there is no trace of snow so we are working hard to prepare for the clients who have not had the opportunity to visit us so far this year.   This spring is bringing some changes to the Nelson County Pantry.

After more than 10 years of stocking the Pantry on Fridays, we must change to Thursdays.   Until October of 2009, we would send a number of volunteers with their personal pickup trucks to Charlottesville to bring the food back to the Pantry.   Four to seven trucks would make the trip every month.  We would need to guess as to how many vehicles would be needed and hope all the order would fit without making a return trip or have someone waste their time and gas if we did not fill all of them.   Now, because of the volume of food we are ordering, the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank offered to begin delivering to the Pantry facility.  The only day available for this service is Thursday.  We jumped at this opportunity!!

Between the delivery service and the addition of the new walk-in freezer/refrigerator unit we are now able to take advantage of many fresh produce items and frozen foods as well as many other specials not possible in the past.

Again, a special thank you to all of our faithful volunteers who spend so many hours each month making sure our Nelson County neighbors in need have nutritional food on their tables.